Cosmopolite is a French language textbook designed for intermediate to advanced learners. As someone who has used this book to improve my French skills, I have found both positive and negative aspects to using Cosmopolite.
One positive aspect of Cosmopolite is its real-life, authentic materials. The textbook includes a variety of authentic texts, such as newspaper articles, podcasts, and videos, which help to expose learners to the French language as it is actually spoken and written. This makes the learning experience more realistic and engaging.
Another positive aspect of Cosmopolite is its focus on vocabulary. The textbook includes a variety of exercises and explanations to help learners expand their vocabulary. This makes it a great resource for improving your overall language skills.
However, the grammar section of Cosmopolite is not as strong as the vocabulary content. While the vocabulary exercises are thorough and helpful, the grammar explanations and exercises are not as in-depth or effective. This means that you may need to supplement your learning with other resources in order to truly master French grammar.
Cosmopolite also lack of comprehensive listening and speaking practice. While the textbook does include some authentic audio materials, it does not offer a wide range of exercises or activities to help learners improve their listening and speaking skills. This may be a drawback for some learners who are looking to improve their pronunciation and speaking fluency.
I think Cosmopolite is a great resource for intermediate to advanced French learners, particularly if you are looking to improve your vocabulary. However, the lack of depth in the grammar content and the limited listening and speaking practice may be drawbacks for some learners.

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