Les mots de l’info

Les mots de l’info is a vocabulary book series published by Commun Français that is designed to help intermediate and advanced French learners increase their vocabulary. The series consists of two books, one targeting B1-B2 learners and the other targeting B2-C1 learners. Each book contains 40 texts organized by various themes, such as health, the environment, and education, that are approximately 200 words in length. Throughout the texts, 10 challenging words are highlighted and their definitions and parts of speech are provided. A brief question related to the text and a summary of the text are also included after each passage. Every fourth text is followed by a multiple-choice test that allows readers to practice their new vocabulary and comprehension of the texts. However, It is worth mentioning that although multiple-choice questions can be helpful, they are not the most effective method for remembering new words.

Les mots de l’info is an excellent resource for quickly and effectively improving French vocabulary. As I worked through both books, I noticed a significant increase in my French vocabulary. The frequent tests also helped me retain the words I had learned, which is often not the case when I simply read through a list of words without thoroughly learning them. In addition to the 400 words specifically highlighted by the author, the texts provide the opportunity to learn additional words that are not included on the list. This means that the total number of words that can be learned through the series is actually much higher than 400.

To maximize the benefits of the book, it is recommended to use a spaced-repetition system like Anki (see our review of Anki here). This will further aid in remembering the new vocabulary. The words in the book can also be practiced by creating flashcards or writing articles using the words from each chapter. If you are looking for a book that will quickly help you build the vocabulary you will need to read newspapers or websites in French or preparing for language proficiency exams like the DELF/DALF or TCF, I highly recommend Les mots de l’info as a valuable resource to achieve your goals.

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