The Progressive series is a set of French language textbooks published by CLE International. There are different variants of the textbook, each of which aimed at the various aspects of French language learning, including grammar, vocabulary, spelling, pronunciation, culture, and more.
A key benefit Progressive series is its focus on practical, real-life language skills. The textbooks, particularly the culture and pronunciation series include a variety of authentic materials, such as conversations, and newspaper articles, which help learners to understand and use the French language in a variety of contexts. This makes the learning experience more realistic and engaging. Its latest version also has a digital eBook that you can access by creating an account on CLE International’s website.
Another positive aspect of the Progressive series is its use of a variety of learning methods. The textbooks incorporate a mix of exercises, and tests to help learners practice and retain new vocabulary and grammar. This makes the learning experience more interactive and enjoyable.
The only real Progressive series is that it may be a bit expensive. The textbooks are not cheap, and you may need to purchase the answer key separately in order to fully utilize the textbook completely. I would have preferred it if the answer key was included with the textbook itself. There are over 20 books in the Progressive series, so buying every textbook on its own is quite expensive.
I personally feel that the Progressive series is a great resource for French language learners. Its focus on real-life language skills and use of a variety of learning methods make it an effective and enjoyable tool for learning French. However, it would be better if the answer key was sold with the textbook rather than separately.

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